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Connecticut Region Hall Of Fame

Purpose To formally recognize those Connecticut Region Patrollers, past and present, who have consistently contributed to their Patrol and the Connecticut Region through many years of dedicated service.
Proposal To create a Connecticut Region Ski Patrol Hall of Fame, into which successfully nominated Patrollers will be inducted. Unlike a Meritorious Service Award, this is not awarded merely for years of service in a specific advisor or staff position. And unlike a National Appointment, a potential inductee is not required to have attained Senior classification, or to have been involved beyond the local Patrol level. This is purely an acknowledgement at the highest level, awarded to a Connecticut Region Patroller for a “lifetime” of dedication, primarily within the home Patrol, hopefully leaving a positive impact on other Patrollers within the Patrol and possibly the Connecticut Region.

Justification The Connecticut Region from its inception, has had, and continues to have, a great number of consistently dedicated Patrollers. These are the people who have established the professionalism, the enthusiasm, and the family atmosphere of our individual Patrols and our Region. They have mentored us, trained us, taught and coached us, been our role models, and brought us to where we are today; a highly respected Region within the NSP. Because of them, there exists a wealth of knowledge and expertise in each and every Patrol. These are the people that we look up to and try to emulate. Some have become the “legends and institutions” of Connecticut Ski Patrolling. A permanent acknowledgment of their contributions, achievements, and dedication, should be recorded and preserved now for future generations of Patrollers.

Eligibility Criteria 1. The nominee may be an active, inactive, retired, alumni, or deceased Patroller.
2. The nominee must have served as an active member registered with the Connecticut Region for a minimum of 25 years. These years of service need not be continuous.
3. The nominee’s history must show consistent contributions and/or achievements benefiting the nominee’s Patrol and /or Connecticut Region for the majority of the 25 years (or more) “lifetime”.

Procedure 1. Any active, inactive, retired, or alumni Patroller (other than a Candidate) from the Connecticut Region may sponsor the nominee. The submittal may be worked on by an individual or a group.
2. The sponsor shall fill out the associated application form as part of the submittal process.
3. The sponsor shall also create a biography, describing what makes or made this nominated Patroller stand out. It should include contributions, accomplishments, achievements, etc. of the nominee.
4. The biography shall consist of no more than two (2) standard typewritten pages.
5. The sponsor shall then submit the filled out application form, along with the completed biography, to the Connecticut Region Awards Advisor, by email or regular mail.
6. The Awards Advisor shall forward the submittal to a Review Committee for consideration.
7. The Review Committee shall consist of the Awards Advisor (who shall be the Chairperson), and the current Connecticut Region Officers.
8. After review, the Awards Advisor shall inform the sponsor that the submittal was accepted, rejected (with the reason for rejection), or the Advisor shall return the submittal to the sponsor with suggestions for rework.
9. There is no deadline for submitting a nomination. However, since the review process takes time to complete, please allow at least sixty (60) days prior to the requested presentation date/occasion.
10. If the submittal is accepted, the formal induction ceremony shall, whenever possible, take place at the occasion requested by the sponsor, or, at the mutual convenience of those involved.
11. Although not mandatory, a few “Patrol related” photos of the accepted inductee would be a welcome addition to the website biography.
12. Since a nominee cannot knowingly work toward this recognition, the nominee should not be made aware of the submittal.

Award 1. A plaque shall be presented to the Patroller (or designee in the case of an unavailable or deceased Patroller), including the Patroller’s name, Patrol, and date of induction.
2. A special Hall of Fame section on the Connecticut Region website will display the inducted Patroller’s name, Patrol, the years (from – to) of registration, and date of induction. It will also include the accepted biography (with photos if available and accepted by the Review Committee).

Additional Information 1. This recognition is not a “Patroller of The Year” award. It is the culmination of many years of continuous dedication and involvement beyond normal patrolling duties.
2. Although tenure in and of itself is not an automatic qualifier for this recognition, it is the many years of consistent giving that separates a very good Patroller from one who has become an “institution”
3. Although this should not be thought of as a retirement award, this recognition MAY be presented to a Patroller who has retired from patrolling, or posthumously to a family member of a Patroller who has died.
4. The biography should describe why this nominee is exceptional, looked up to, and stands out among other Patrollers. Why has this person become a role model? Why is this Patroller’s name known and respected by “newer” as well as “seasoned” Patrollers?
5. Nominations are not accepted by merely listing positions held or activities completed by the nominee. The biography is not simply a “check off” list. It should illustrate how the nominee used the positions or activities to benefit fellow Patrollers, the Patrol and/or Region.
6. The biography may include (but is not limited to) contributions and achievements in the following: appointed and/or elected staff positions, advisorships, committee work, instructorships, involvement in the establishment or improvement of programs, policies and procedures, patrol activities, classes, lectures and presentations.
7. Achievements and contributions beyond the Region level, although not a requirement, are certainly acceptable items to include in the nominee’s biography.
8. Of great importance is how the nominee contributed to the Patrol and/or Region through training, mentoring, teaching, and coaching, not only in formal clinics and seminars, but also by helping fellow Patrollers informally on a one-on-one basis.
9. This is a biographical history of the nominee. It should be written (third person) the way one would write about any historically famous person. Although it may be edited by the Review Committee for spelling, grammar, flow, etc., the basic intent and content of the biography will not be altered without permission from and review by the sponsor.
10. Sponsors are encouraged to ask for assistance from any members of the Review Committee at any time. Relevant phone numbers and email addresses may be found on the CT Region Website.
11. The Awards Advisor will inform sponsors of multiple submittals for the same nominee.

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