Connecticut Region NSP
Housatonic Pequot
Lakeridge * Mohawk Mt. *  Nutmeg Nordic * Ski Sundown   Mt Southington * Pahquioque *  Powder Ridge


National Appointment

Jeff Barter #11924 - Sundown Ski Patrol

Patroller Mark Vining, #11928 - Mount Southington

Distinguished Service Award

Walter Behuniak, #6639 - Mount Southington

Larry Hyatt - Powder Ridge

Peter Bayer - Powder Ridge

Purple Merit Star

Everett “Ron” Fenner, #10340 - Mount Southington

Peter Bayer - Powder Ridge

Denise Holmes - Powder Ridge

Blue Merit Star

David Hull - Mohawk Mountain

Andrew Lally - Mohawk Mountain

Robert Schumann - Mohawk Mountain

Ron Ellison, 10898, - Mohawk Mountain

Yellow Merit Star

Bradford Wankiewicz of the Mowhawk
Stanley Sroka - Mohawk Mountain

Eastern Division Outstanding
Instructor of the Year

Don Cirkot, National Appointment Number 6224, of the Mount Southington

Connecticut Region
Service Awards

Ct Region Patroller of the Year

Mike LaPierre - Nutmeg Nordic Ski Patrol

Region Director's Award

Mark Vining - Mount Southington

Dick Gardiner
Instructor of the Year

Tim Appleton- Mount Southington

Stan Ellison
Continuing Education Award

Fallon Repetar - Mount Southington

Student Patroller Of The Year

Fallon Repetar - Mount Southington

Senior Class 2017

Emily Appleton – Mt. Southington
Hanspeter “Peter” Bayer – Powder Ridge
Joel Meissner - Ski Sundown
Tony Philpin – Ski Sundown

Eastern Division
Patroller Achievement Award

Richard Bellomo - Mohawk Mountain
Larry Hyatt – Powder Ridge
Ken Joyce 4 - Pahquioque
Michael Lally - Mohawk Mountain
Paul Ludanyi – Mohawk Mountain
Cally Regan - Mt Southington
Daniel Riccio - Ski Sundown
Rod Weinberg - Pahquioque
Kevin Wypychoski - Powder Ridge

Patroller's Cross

Scott Stoppa of Powder Ridge

Nancie Wardrop - Sundown Ski Patrol

Certificates of Appreciation

Ron Clark

Over the past few years, this patroller has offered countless hours of guidance and support to the Connecticut Region, enabling us to streamline the OEC Refresher process, eliminate paperwork, and improve the timeliness and accuracy of tracking activity through refresher stations. Without this patrollers expertise and drive, this project would not have progressed as quickly and smoothly as it has.

Ski Sundown

For many years, the Ski Sundown Ski Patrol has voluntarily developed, staffed and run two separate refresher stations while other patrols in our region have only been responsible for one. This was established long ago when Ski Sundown had significantly more OEC instructors than any of the other patrols in the region. Over time, this situation has changed and our patrols' instructor rosters are more balanced. Despite this, Ski Sundown Ski Patrol has willingly accepted the responsibility of two refresher stations without a single complaint. This has significantly reduced the workload of the rest of the region. The patrol deserves recognition for this, and our appreciation to taking on this additional load.

Eastern Division Memorial Scholarship

Emily Appleton - Mount Southington

Anniversary Awards


Beverly Dillon - Ski Sundown
Nathaniel Florian – Mt. Southington
John Lawrence, #5849 Alumni/Connecticut

Forty Five

Avis Cherichetti Alumni/Connecticut
Bruce Smith - Ski Sundown

Forty Years

William Boyens Alumni/Connecticut
Everett Fenner, #10340 – Mt. Southington
Thomas Flynn, #7772 - Ski Sundown
Joan Green - Pahquioque
Rick Knight, #10304 – Mt. Southington
Paula Knight, #7249 – Mt. Southington
Michael Lally - Mohawk Mtn.
Birgitta O'Brien, #9226 Alumni/Connecticut
Jack Sumner Alumni/Connecticut

Thirty Five Years

Bill Baxter Alumni/Connecticut
Mark Lawson Alumni/Connecticut
Yoshihisa Okamoto Alumni/Connecticut

Thirty Years

Thomas Allen - Mohawk Mtn.
Charles Marshall Alumni/Connecticut
Morton Pear - Powder Ridge
Paul Schipritt - Powder Ridge
Nancy St. Jarre Alumni/Connecticut

Twenty Five Years

Paul Alimi - Mohawk Mtn.
Lisa DiFrancesco - Mohawk Mtn.
Marjorie Thorpe, #9934 - Pahquioque

Twenty Years

Brian Kiernan Alumni/Connecticut
Carl Lantz - Ski Sundown
Stanley Sroka - Mohawk Mtn.
Joseph “CJ” Varchola - Mohawk Mtn.

Fifteen Years

Jeff August - Ski Sundown
Melinda Mingus - Mohawk Mtn.
Kenneth Pask Alumni/Connecticut
Charles Regan – Mt. Southington
Joshua Regan – Mt. Southington
David Schaffer - Pahquioque
Bradford Wankewicz - Mohawk Mtn.
Robert Witkewicz - Ski Sundown

Ten Years

Tim Appleton, #11846 – Mt. Southington
Ellen Calderone - Ski Sundown
Donald Cote - Ski Sundown
Richard Dulac, III Alumni/Connecticut
Darren Gelormino - Mohawk Mtn.
Paul Hastey - Ski Sundown
Jeffrey Hogan - Mohawk Mtn.
Joshua Levin – Mt. Southington
David Neuburger - Pahquioque


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